You can now quickly migrate from your previous note-taking apps. Import your Notion / Roam Research / Obsidian database or import any markdown files in bulk. Best of all, all imports don't eat into your card limit, they only count once you start editing them (i.e [keeping).

Tips for the Smoothest Import Experience

Since Supernotes is based around notecards not long-form files, we actually recommend manually moving over your knowledge and re-working it as note-cards. This gives you time to revisit previous knowledge, tag it and organise it in the best possible manner. However we get that sometimes you just want to import your information so it's there, here's some tips:

  • Import in batches – around ~50 notes at a time

  • Import will occur in Home – if you are within a current parent, your cards will be not be imported there

  • Tables / images / attachments are unsupported – although it may work, we do not officially support the import of tables, images and attachments

  • Exceedingly long files are unsupported – since Supernotes is based around short-form notecards, huge documents don't belong here and will not be imported

Want another import format? Let us know using the in-app messenger in the bottom right!

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