The Share Code of a card can be found in the 'Sharing Options' of a card (third icon along the bottom). This code allows other users on Supernotes to join and interact with a card, with varying permissions.

The Code is compromised of four randomised English words like so,   Books Plane Phone Letter . And before you say 'That doesn't sound very secure', it actually results in an incredibly secure code, that would take current computers 185 years to crack (at 1000 guesses per second).

❄ Freeze 

If you are the Author or a Moderator of a Card, you have the power to 'Freeze' the Share Code. This will prevent any new user from joining, and current members will be unaffected by this change.

To unfreeze the card, just click the button again. We recommend you reset your 'Share Code' before unfreezing.

♻ Reset 

If you are the Author or Moderator of a Card, you also have the ability to reset the Share Code. 

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