The following are the six different roles that a member can have on a Card, Each role has all of the permissions of the lower roles below:

Author 🌟 

The original 'star', or creator of a card. This cannot be changed. 

  • Always retain the card even if it is Cut from a parent (i.e. all of an author's cards are automatically 'Kept').
  • Assign all user roles, and promote/demote moderators
  • Cannot be demoted
  • Delete for Everyone

Moderator 🛡 

The reviewer and curator of the Members and child Cards.

Editor 📖 

  • Edit the card content
  • Manage comments (incl. deleting other users) 
  • Shared Tag management

Contributor ✈️ 

  • Publishing new child cards within this parent card
  • Cutting cards they added within this parent card

Reader 👓 

Ghost 👻 

  • Liking
  • Personal tag management
  • Keeping
  • Adding this card to another parent
  • Adding a child card as unlisted (not publishing)
  • Hiding
  • Junk
  • Delete for Me

You will notice that 'Viewing the Share code' is omitted from this list of permissions. This is because it depends on what the default role of a card is. If a member of a card has a role lower than the default role, they are unable to view the Share Code. If an Author/Moderator demotes a member to lower than the default role, the share code is automatically reset - to prevent the demoted user from rejoining at a higher role. 

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