Use the Cheatsheet

Find the Cheatsheet in the Help ( ? ) menu located in the bottom right hand corner. The Cheatsheet is also draggable so you can put it wherever you like!

Collapse the Sidebar 

Want to focus? Collapse the sidebar on Desktop by clicking the handy "Collapse Sidebar" button in the upper left hand corner. Or on a tablet/mobile just tap on the noteboard and the sidebar will collapse automatically.

To open the sidebar again, press the 'menu' button in the top right. 

Autofill Tags in New Cards

Add a few inclusive active tag filters, and when you create a new card it will automatically inherit these tags. Saving you lots of time if you are creating multiple cards on the same topic, if you are in a lecture for example.

Quickly Minimise Card Content

Minimise the Card Body, by clicking the Card to focus on it and then press the left arrow key. To unminimise the body, press the left arrow key again. 

Use Keyboard Navigation 

Scroll up and down using just your keyboard, more information is available here

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