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As soon as you paste a link in Supernotes, it will automatically recognise it and format it for you in Markdown so you don't have to. It will look like this:

[Name of Link](https://urloflink.com) 

The first part in square brackets,  [ ]  , is the name and the second part in parentheses,  ( )  , is the URL. If you have a habit of getting this syntax mixed up, it's easy to remember with the following:

  • Square brackets [ ] are associated with straight edged TEXT

  • Round parentheses ( ) are associated with a round URL

  • [TEXT] is before (URL) in the dictionary so [TEXT](URL)

As you can see in the example below the link text is changed to just google rather than the whole URL. Make sure to include https:// otherwise the link will be treated as an internal Supernotes link.

Pro Tip

You can select text, and then paste a url over it to magically format it into an external link like so:

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