Quickly find the repeating themes between your notes and your friends' using the filter pane, which can be found in the sidebar. There are three default filters (four if within a parent card):

  • Mine - All the cards you have authored
  • Liked - All the cards you have liked
  • Kept - All the cards you have kept
  • Hidden (only available in parent cards) - All the cards you may have hidden within a parent.

The default filters cannot be removed, and always appear at the top of the filter pane. You can also add your own tag or user filters by using the  + add new filter   button. Or you can enable/disable a tag filter simply by clicking on the name of the tag on a card, like in the example below:

When a filter is active in the filter pane it will be highlighted and a switch will be present. By default the switch is a right arrow, an 'inclusive' filter, but you can click it to switch it to be an 'exclusive' filter i.e. it will remove any content associated with it. 

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