It's super easy to add an image in Supernotes. While in card edit mode, click the ( + ) in the top right to open the quick-add menu and then select "Image". From here you can drag & drop, paste or browse for image (jpg, png and even gifs).

Once your image has finished uploading, it will be inserted into your card formatted in the Markdown language:

![Name of Image]( 

When you finish your card, the image will be shown like the cute cat example below:

We advise you to always upload your image via the quick-add menu, as this way we will host the image for you securely and it will load more quickly. You may add an image by just using a link to external url, but do this at your own risk as there is no guarantee that the link is secure/will be there indefinitely (unless it's yours!).

Change Image Size [Depreciated]

This feature has been depreciated in Supernotes 1.8, and will no longer function.

If you want to change the size of your rendered image you can append the modified dimensions =WIDTHxHEIGHT  at the end of the Markdown code like the following:

![Name of Image]( =100x200) 

 In this example the image have a width of 100px and a height of 200px.

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